• Thrilling Botswana, Breathtaking Zimbabwe & Zambia!

    Botswana, once one of the poorest countries in southern Africa, nowadays a flourishing country with amazing opportunities for tourists, including tared (Chinese) roads. This album includes shots from Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The stunning Vic Falls, the dry Makahari desert and the famous Devils Pool in Zambia. Breakfast in Zambia, Lunch in Zimbabwe and dinner in Botswana, what a day.
    Mythical Namibia

That's me!

going to bed used to be a terrible moment....



Elephant hill resort

Ride along

Harsh nature

Mirror mirror on the wall

The mighty Vic Falls!


VAC travel around a campfire in Botswana

victoria Falls with VAC

Class 5

Rafting the Zamezi River



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